Computer vision syndrome (CVS)/Digital Strain can lead to eye or vision-related problems – Dr Alpa Atul Poorabia

Computer vision syndrome (CVS)/Digital Strain can lead to eye or vision-related problems – Dr Alpa Atul Poorabia
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Hyderabad, June 30 : After the official declaration of the COVID-19 disease outbreak as a pandemic by World Health Organization on  March 11, all countries including India with outbreak are trying their best to control the spread of the COVID-19 disease. India has implemented social quarantine since  March  25 to control further spread of the COVID-19 disease. Though this lockdown is very important it has affected the children little differently. Their summer vacation has started, but they are not able to go out to play and visit their friends or go for outing. As all the time they are at home, it is likely that they will be spending more time on digital screens- like Mobile, Computer/Laptop, TV, Tablet, Kindle etc.

The lockdown has compounded the problem with the virtual school classes now thus making it increasingly difficult to reduce the screen time of young eyes. But when this time exceeds more than 4 hours a day, it tends to cause Dry eye, also known as Computer vision syndrome (CVS)/Digital Strain, which can lead to eye and/or vision-related problems.

According to Dr Alpa Atul Poorabia, Senior Refractive, Cornea & Cataract Surgeon, Opthomologist, Apollo Spectra Hospital & Clinics, Kondapur opines that it is natural for parents to worry about these issues. Explaining the reasons that causes eye strain, Dr Alpa Athul Poorabia says that any activity involving the yes can cause eye strain, especially if performed for prolonged periods of time or under adverse conditions. Further adding to it, Dr. Poorabia says that any of the following actions for extended time frames may lead into these conditions..Reading without resting your eyes, Using electronic devices like cell phones, tablets or computers , Being exposed to either extremely bright light (i.e. sunlight or glare) or low-light situations , Writing, Being overly tired or stressed.

Children can also get digital eye strain like adults and symptoms are typically temporary, they may be frequent and sometime persistent, She Says.

The patient can have foreign body sensation, irritation, burning, dry or watery eye, itching, tired or sleepy eye, blurred vision, eye pain, headache or even red eyes, either one or multiple symptoms, either in one eye or both eyes. Red, dry or irritated eyes, Blurred vision , Eye fatigue Back, neck and shoulder pain and Headaches , She added.

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