Fraud In The Name Singer Sunitha

Fraud In The Name Singer Sunitha
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Hyderabad, Aug.12 (NSS): Fraudsters have siphoned off ₹1.7 crore in the name of prominent singer Sunitha. The police have already arrested one person by name Chaitanya who has cheated several people by claiming himself to be the nephew of the singer.

In a fresh development, a woman has lodged a complaint with cyber crime unit  rachakonda police against the accused. The woman belonging to kothapeta area of the city is a big fan of the singer. Cashing on her obsession with the singer Sunitha, the accused gave a phone number stating that it belonged to the singer.

After some time, he asked the victim to take the membership of Kerala based Ananda Cherlayam trust by paying ₹50,000.  Believing the accused she transferred the amount. Later the accused collected ₹1.7 crore from the victim by stating that he was selling off his lands located in the US. (NSS)

Dr.Kesavan Sundera Murthy

Dr. Kesavan Sundera Murthy

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