Health Minister Etala Rajender Slams BJP On Corona Jibe

Health Minister Etala Rajender Slams BJP On Corona Jibe
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Hyderabad, June 21 :  Health Minister Etala Rajender today took serious exception to BJP national leadership for making cheap politics and street level comments on corona cases and state government.

Talking to press persons at Telangana Bhavan,  the minister expressed displeasure that BJP national president, JP Nadda has made  false charges on Corona cases, and corruption.

In the virtual rally of the BJP on Saturday, Nadda slammed the KCR  Government of failing to check Corona Pandemic, indulged in corruption in irrigation projects and inefficiency in ruling.  Referring to these comments by the BJP national leader, Rajender hit out at the former.  Telangana is containing the Corona cases and taking all preventive measures as per ICMR guidelines.

Despite changes made in the ICMR guidelines we are following the same to prevent the virus spread,  the minister claimed.  Telangana not making politics on Corona and supporting the Center and Modi, he said.  The central teams appreciated our Doctors and the government on Corona cases and the BJP is making cheap politics, he fumed.

He sought to know how a national leader can make such low level remarks against the government working sincerely as per the guidelines.  Telangana has been in forefront to check the virus spread and we have alerted the Centre of Markaj Nizamuddin meeting in Delhi that added to the woes of the Corona cases. The minister rapped the BJP for  mud-slinging on the state government.

He suggested the BJP top leaders to look at the rise in Corona cases in Modi’s Gujrat and other ruling states.  Having fully implementing lockdown KCR is regularly monitoring through the command control center on the steps to check virus spread.

Finance Minister T Harish Rao also slammed the BJP for its political comments  which are equal to lowering the military services. Nadda who was the Union health minister is belittling the efforts of the doctors on pandemic who are serving the Corona cases he said.


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