Helping the helpless is the true form of worship -Manava Seva Samithi

Helping the helpless is the true form of worship -Manava Seva Samithi
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The members  of MANAVA SEVA SAMITHI CHARITABLE TRUST (Sanathnagar, Hyderabad) are proving that theirage cannot restrict them from helping the helpless.

It is noteworthy to note,  members of this Charitable Trust (at Model Colony) are competing with the youth and conducting many service programs for the benefit of poor and needy people.
At the entrance  of the Model Colony , the Charitable Trust has successfully managed to provide food packets for Guest Workers. The real beauty of this noble episode is every one is strictly following social distance and wearing masks
‘This practice of providing food to those who can’t afford a square meal by our trust is not a new one’ says D.Buchhibabu. He says  this saga began on an auspicious Ugadi day in the year 2015.

J S T Sai
MANAVA SEVA SAMITHI established by Buchhibabu, JST Sai,  Sashikumar, Machavaram Ravindra, Srinivas and others. Since 2015 the Samithi provides food packets to the poor and needy people on a regular basis tirelessly.
Even during the lock down period we continued our activities more compassionately says Buchhibabu. In the beginning of lock down we served 7 to 8 hundred packets of food,  fruits,  butter milk etc., But as majority of the migrants left,  still we manage to deliver minimum 500 food packets in our camp.
The ‘children, youth, women, senior citizens from our colony are helping us’ and the satisfaction is matchless says Buchhibabu proudly!

Dr.Kesavan Sundera Murthy

Dr. Kesavan Sundera Murthy

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  1. It was wonderful Dr.Murthi garu, I wish all the best for the channel and your services to the society. 🙏💐

    1. Thanks a lot Dr. Padmavathi for your kind words and good wishes!We Will certainly live up to the expectations of nice people like you… Thanks once again for sparing your valuable time to visit our site and share your views!

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