KTR Bats For Food Processing Units In Telangana

KTR Bats For Food Processing Units In Telangana
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Hyderabad, Aug.12 (NSS): IT, Industries and Municipal Minister KT Rama Rao today emphasized the need  for encouraging food processing industries in Telangana State. He held a key meeting on food processing units and logistics policies at Pragathi Bhavan along with ministers and officials here.

The minister has discussed on new opportunities in the food processing industry sector, increase in agriculture production and policies need to be changed accordingly. The minister said that the food processing industries will help push the agriculture sector a new high. Besides the logistics and facilities will give further boost to the farm sector the minister opined.

Stating that the state has no capacity for food processing as of now he said that with completion of the irrigation projects the farm production will increase significantly. The government will make proposals for required subsidies and encouragement for food processing units followed by the same in other states he said.

The minister stated that the more number of food processing units in the state will help increase economic growth, revenue increase to farmers and offer employment to locals in a big way. He said that, if that is the case we have to ensue all measures for processing the food production through setting up adequate number of industries, he said.

The government has to encourage simultaneously the logistics of shifting the farm production to markets to get benefits to the farmers he said. The Industries minister has attributed the growing agriculture production and more opportunities in the food processing sector to the vision and efforts of Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao.

KT Rama Rao further stated that the water revolution by KCR initiative is making a new record of sorts as the Krishna and Godavari rivers turn barren lands into green areas giving a great push to the farm sector and production. The state Government is ushering in a new era of rapid growth and fast development in all sectors in Telangana the minister claimed.

The water revolution will push for blue revolution (fisheries), pink revolution (Meat production industry), white revolution (dairy production industry) in the state of Telangana, he remarked. The minister has said that KCR initiative has also helped a lot the professional communities which got back its previous glory like fishermen, Golla and Kurumas and others.

KT Rama Rao has informed that with KCR instructions entire mapping process of agriculture production has been completed with all details of crops production in villages, mandals and districts. He also claimed that after telangana formation the production a wide gamut of crops such as paddy, maize, cotton, dals, cereals and spices has seen a new high.  (NSS)

Dr.Kesavan Sundera Murthy

Dr. Kesavan Sundera Murthy

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