PV Is A Role Model: Former PM Manmohan Singh

PV Is A Role Model: Former PM Manmohan Singh
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Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today termed his predecessor PV Narasimha Rao as a role model to the people of the country. He said that he always felt happy to introduce the first annual union  budget of his life as the finance minister of the country in former PM PV’s cabinet. He said that PV was a great PM, who had introduced economic reforms in the country.

Manmohan made these remarks while addressing a meeting held to celebrate the centenary birthday celebrations of PV through Zoom app. Speaking on the occasion he said that PV had taken brave decisions when the country was going through critical times. He said that the economic condition of the country had improved due to the reforms introduced by the PM. He also said that Rao was a great leader, who had introduced land reforms in the undivided AP state. Former  union minister P. Chidambaram expressed his happiness at the Organization of the celebrations. He said that PV had encouraged him a lot in politics. He said that he has a very in-depth association with the former PM.

He recalled that PV has encouraged him a lot when he was a youth congress leader . Chidambaram said that the industrial policy of the former  PM was unforgettable and added that PV had given a lot of thrust to welfare of the people of the country.

Former Union Minister Jairam Ramesh said that PV used to joke that except finance department he had worked in all the ministries of the government. He also said that PV used to request his party colleague Pranab Mukherjee to help him in the issue of economic reforms. Ramesh recalled that PV used to rebut the criticism of opposition political parties in his own style and added that PV would always receive the criticism of his rivals in a statesman’s spirit. He said that although PV had received a lot of criticism for his reforms, he said that the same reforms had brought good results to the country. (NSS)

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