Release GST Arrears To Telangana: Harish To Nirmala

Release GST Arrears To Telangana: Harish To Nirmala
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Hyderabad, Aug.27 (NSS): Finance Minister T Harish Rao today demanded the GST Council to release its arrears of Rs 2700 cr to Telangana state.  The 41st GST Council has met at Delhi chaired by union finance minister,  Nirmala Sitharaman, attended by its members and finance ministers of the states.

Harish Rao appealed to the council to release a total of Rs 5,420 cr to the state.  He objected that the GST Council is using surplus funds of cess of compensation and asking the states to use when it is less.

Nirmala Sitharaman has explained about the GST Council aims and objectives in the meeting held amid Corona effects, changed financial scenario, loss of jobs, and employment.  She heard to the proposals, and appeals of the states on the occasion and promised to address related issues.

Harish Rao has put forth the proposals and demands of Telangana government in the council meeting.  He sought the GST Council to release Rs 5420 cr immediately to Telangana state. Harish Rao urged the chairman to conduct on time the Council meeting and address the issues.  (NSS)

Dr.Kesavan Sundera Murthy

Dr. Kesavan Sundera Murthy

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