Take Over The State Immediately And Constitute A Committee – MP Revanth Reddy Urged Luv Aggarwal

Take Over The State Immediately And Constitute A Committee – MP Revanth Reddy Urged Luv Aggarwal
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Hyderabad, June 29 :  Congress MP Revanth Reddy today urged joint secretary of Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Luv Aggarwal  to take over write of the State immediately and constitute a committee headed by you to handle the epidemic for not causing anymore damage.  He told the secretary that the State Capital Hyderabad would see a drastic surge in covid 19 cases and fatalities.  He wrote a letter on the issue to Union Joint Secretary on the issue.

In his letter, He said that Covid 19 positivity rate as on June 23 was 32.1 percent, which is the highest among the major cities in the country.  He also said that Tests per 10 lakh population had  been abysmally low. Only around 70000 tests have been conducted in total. Testing is vital to understand the growth of the virus and control it. No transparency in the tests being conducted, leaving the entire state in uncertainty, he said  while noting that  The state govt has been repeatedly told by the ICMR to improve the rate of testing but was never corrected.

Reddy also said that There was a shortage of TruNat machines and added that the state has  only 22 compared to the neighbouring  state AP which has 42. “Only one central lab for testing which is barely Sufficient for the population and spread in the state. 22 Private hospitals not under the wing of the state government hence being under utilised. TIMS only a namesake facility as there is neither the necessary equipment nor the medical staff needed to run the hospital,” he said that while noting that he has visited the place myself and added that there is nothing but a few beds donated by a corporate company.

He said that  Seeing the dire state, he  gave funds for the same from my MP LADS which haven’t been utilised till now and added that Only Gandhi Hospital was recognised as a govt approved treatment centre where there is lack of proper medication, sanitation, hygiene and care in treating covid 19 positive patients. He said that the Staff needed to run the hospital was  1200 but the actual strength was only 400.m while noting that this is causing immense burden on each and every member working there. “In the same hospital, our frontline warriors, doctors protested for 72 hours, in rain for lack of PPE kits and necessary equipment to fight the virus and they’re struggling  everyday with their lives at stake. Recently, a journalist named Manoj passed away at Gandhi due to negligence in his treatment, he complained that he wasn’t even being given water let alone treatment and passed away soon after complaining. Journalists staged a dharna against this. As per central govt scheme, frontline workers have an insurance of 50 lakhs and the journalists demand to be included in that as their profession puts them at Risk everyday. This demand has to be considered,” he said.

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Dr. Kesavan Sundera Murthy

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