Telangana Gets Hetero’s Covifor Injection To Treat Positive Patients

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Hyderabad, June 27 : Indian noted Pharma Hetero Healthcare reportedly distributed about 20000 of Covifor (Remedesivir) vials to Telangana and other four states which are Covid affected.

It is learnt that Hetero pharma company has supplied the generic 20000 vials in first phase.

It is in two lots each comprising 10000 to five states in first phase and each vial costs Rs 5,400 according to sources.  The pharma giant has supplied the generic injection to Telangana, Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujrat and Tamil Nadu according to information.

In second phase Hetero plans to distribute it to cities like Kolkata, Bhopal, Patna, Ranchi, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, Tiruvananthapuram,  Goa,Vijayawada and Kochi.

On getting authorisation from America based Gilid Sciences, Hetero pharma has agreed to produce and distribute the Covifor to the states and cities hit by Corona in the country.  Hetero pharma sets an aim to produce one lakh vials in two to three weeks.

Used for Corona patients in emergency, Covifor is not available in open market and can avail from government and its hospitals.  Each Corona patient needs six doses and every 100 mg injection costs Rs 5400.

About 80 percent positive cases are from Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. India occupies fourth place in the world in positive cases with 4.73 lakh positive cases and 14,894 deaths.


Sundera Murthy Kesavan

Dr. Kesavan Sundera Murthy

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